Controlled Fusion and Reactors of the Tokamak Type

  • Robert W. Conn
Part of the Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology book series (volume 10)


Research on fusion reactor problems has increased dramatically as the plasma physics of magnetic confinement continues to make substantial progress. As part of this research several studies (1–6) have been completed on the conceptual design of future fusion reactors. The purpose of these studies is to identify the key technological problems associated with fusion reactors and thereby guide future research. A description of one such conceptual design can be used to serve as an introduction to the broad field of fusion technology, particularly if it is combined with other work that generally surveys the technological aspects of most approaches to fusion power (6,7). In this paper, a detailed description of the UWMAK-III conceptual tokamak reactor design (8) is given and it serves to highlight the important technological areas.


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