Sonic Standing Wave Gas Density Monitor

  • Ronald J. Walker
Part of the A Cryogenic Engineering Conference Publication book series (ACRE, volume 33)


Devices described in this document are capable of finding leaks with high sensitivity and reliability and at relatively low cost. Three versions of the basic detector have been developed and tested. One version is a portable instrument which is battery operated and has an output meter which gives a numerical indication of the amount of helium present at the pickup point. The portable version does not have temperature control because the operator can adjust the sensitivity and observe slight differences while searching for a leak location. The second version is mounted in a weather tight enclosure, operates on 110VAC line power, and has temperature control. This version is designed to mount in a fixed strategic position and give an alarm in the event that a helium leak develops. A third device has been developed, which is being used to monitor the density of gas in a large Cerenkov counter.


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