Elastic Behavior of Polycrystalline Nb3Sn, V3Ga and Nb3Ge

  • J. F. Bussière
  • H. LeHuy
  • B. Faucher
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 30)


In recent years, interest in large high-field magnets has stimulated studies of the effects of stress on superconducting properties of candidate superconductors1–4. In particular, the properties of A-15 superconductors such as Nb3Sn and V3Ga have been found to be very sensitive to strain, and future optimization of these materials will have to take into account stresses occuring during fabrication and use. During fabrication large compressive stresses (≃1%) often occur because of thermal expansion differences between the normal metal matrix and the superconductor. In order to calculate these stresses, a good knowledge of the elastic properties of the constituents is required for the range between the reaction (≃1000K) and operating temperatures (≃l0K). Although, the elastic properties of A-15 superconductors have been the subject of numerous studies in the past twenty years5, elastic constants had not, to our knowledge, been measured until now above 300K for any A-15 superconductor and data below 300K for polycrystalline A-15’s of practical interest were very scarce and sometimes in dramatic conflict with polycrystalline averages of single crystal data6.


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  • H. LeHuy
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  • B. Faucher
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  1. 1.Institut de Génie des matériauxCNRCBouchervilleCanada
  2. 2.Physical Metallurgy Research LaboratoriesCanmetCanada

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