The Doublet III Neutral Beam Injector Cryosystem

  • A. R. Langhorn
Part of the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering book series (ACRE, volume 29)


Plasma heating experiments using neutral beam injection into the Doublet III tokamak have been underway since September 1981. Cryopanels employed in the beamline vacuum pumping system are force flow cooled to 3.8 K by a closed loop refrigeration system. Evaluation of the first beamline was carried out using a 25 L/h liquefier and a unique reliquefaction heat exchanger to permit subatmospheric operation and panel flow rates of 140 L/h.1 The system was upgraded for three beamline operation by substitution of a 100 L/h liquefier and more cryogen storage capacity. The system in its present configuration on Doublet III is described and its characteristics and operational history are discussed.


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