• Francis A. Carey
  • Richard J. Sundberg
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This chapter is concerned with reactions which transform a functional group to a more highly oxidized derivative. There is a very large number of such processes, and the reactions have been chosen for discussion on the basis of general utility in organic synthesis. As the reactions are considered, it will become evident that the material in this chapter spans a wider variety of mechanistic patterns than is true for most of the earlier chapters. Because of this range in mechanisms, the chapter has been organized by the functional-group transformation that is accomplished. This organization facilitates comparison of the methods available for effecting a given synthetic transformation. In general, oxidants have been grouped into three classes: transition metal drivatives; oxygen, ozone, and peroxides; and other reagents.


Transition Metal Oxidant Oxidative Cleavage Allylic Alcohol Selenium Dioxide Allylic Oxidation 
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