Replication of a Clinical Outcome Study on a Hospital-Based Stress Management and Behavioral Medicine Program Utilizing Flotation REST and Biofeedback

  • Gilbert M. Koula
  • John C. Kemp
  • Keith M. Keane
  • Allan D. Belden
Part of the Recent Research in Psychology book series (PSYCHOLOGY)


Psychosocial stress is accepted as a known contributor to emotional and somatic illness. This study is a replication of pre-post clinical effectiveness of a medically supervised treatment program for stress disorders. The program is hospital-based and employs biofeedback as an introductory self-regulation, stress reduction method and flotation REST as a primary self-regulation, stress reduction method.

Eighty respondents of 154 out-patients are reviewed statistically assessing change in symptom severity and frequency and secondary symptoms.

The results are reviewed with comparison to an initial clinical outcome study on a similar out-patient group treated in the same program. The results continue to be strongly suggestive of health benefits with the use of this treatment model.


Migraine Headache Tension Headache Secondary Symptom Systemic Arterial Blood Pressure Major Diagnostic Category 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Gilbert M. Koula
  • John C. Kemp
  • Keith M. Keane
  • Allan D. Belden

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