Differential calculus

  • Edward J. LeCuyerJr.
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Calculus—an essential tool of any mathematician, engineer, or scientist—is one of the most important branches of modern mathematics. In recent years, calculus has also become an important tool in such areas as business administration, economics, psychology, and sociology. In all of these areas, we are interested in instantaneous rates of change, and calculus is the tool for finding such rates of change. In an introductory text such as this, we cannot attempt to present a thorough coverage of calculus. In fact, in most colleges, calculus is offered in a 3- to 5-course sequence. It is our intention to introduce the student only to some of the more important concepts and applications of calculus. It is hoped that this will give the student some appreciation of this vital area of mathematics. Perhaps it might even inspire some students enough to take part or all of the calculus sequence.


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