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Preparing the Findings of the First International Congress on Clubfeet for Computer-Assisted Decision-Making

  • W. M. Fahmy
  • H. Fahmy
Conference paper


The First International Congress on Clubfeet has provided a forum to update facts derived from the abstracts of this congress.* The following general trends were deduced:
  • Growing interest in the clinical implication of the vascular and neurogenic theories of etiology

  • Age, stiffness, location of the deformity, and socioeconomic environment as determining factors in almost all treatment methods

  • Awareness of the need to develop quantitative evaluation systems

  • Increasing interest in forefoot and midfoot deformities and in lateral column procedures

  • Sporadic attempts to improve the cosmetic appearance of thin calf in clubfoot patients

  • Occasional reliance on documented algorithms, but rare use of the computer as a tool for clinical analysis.


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