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A Comparative Result of Posteromedial Release Versus Posteromedial and Lateral Release for Idiopathic Talipes Equinovarus Using the Cincinnati Incision

  • K. N. Kuo
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The surgical management of CTEV deformity has continued to evolve since Brockman1 first published his monograph on congenital clubfoot in 1930. In 1974, when I returned from my pediatric orthopedic fellowship under Lloyd-Roberts in London, I continued the quest for the betterment of clubfoot correction. My personal experience can be divided into my first 8 years of experience with posterior5 and posteromedial13 releases performed through a posteromedial straight line incision as advocated by Lloyd-Roberts,5 and my next 8 years of experience with posteromedial and lateral releases using the Cincinnati incision originally described by Giannestras,3 popularized by Crawford, et al.,2 and detailed by McKay6–8 and Simons.10–12


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