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Nonoperative Management of the Equinovarus Foot: Long-Term Results

  • S. Zimbler


The purpose of this study was to determine whether foot position and functional ability deteriorate over time in children treated nonoperatively for talipes equinovarus. Orthopedic teaching during the period 1950 to 1970 stressed the importance of manipulation and proper application of corrective casts as the primary therapy for clubfoot deformity.1 Surgical management was initially presented as a “fall-back” position when cast treatment failed. Poor plaster technique or delayed onset of treatment were frequently presented as causes for poor results and incomplete correction.1 Modern clubfoot treatment (1970–1990)2 has emphasized extensive surgical releases and new incisions. Follow-up of these patients reveals some of the same old problems seen with the older surgical procedures: (a) stiffness, (b) muscle atrophy, (c) extensive scarring, (d) recurrent deformity, (e) incomplete correction, and (f) overcorrection.


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