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Functional Rating System for Evaluation of Long-Term Results of Clubfoot Surgery

  • W. B. Lehman
  • D. Atar
  • A. D. Grant
  • A. M. Strongwater
Conference paper


The current concept of treatment for clubfoot deformity is initial manipulations and serial cast applications; when these are inadequate, surgery is required.6 About 30% to 50% of these feet will not be corrected and will require surgical release.7,11,12,20,25,27 An average of 25% of the operated feet will have poor results and will need additional surgical intervention.8,9,15,28 What are the criteria for good results or failure? We have designed a simple and objective rating system by which failures as well as good results can be easily defined.


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  • W. B. Lehman
  • D. Atar
  • A. D. Grant
  • A. M. Strongwater

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