Role of Radiation Therapy in Management of Ovarian Cancer

  • Hugh R. K. Barber


Controversy has developed over the role of external x-ray therapy for the management of patients with common epithelial ovarian cancer. Although it is accepted that external x-ray therapy has a place in the treatment of the gonadal stromal tumors and germ cell tumors exclusive of the extraembryonal tumors, its role in the therapy of the common epithelial ovarian cancers has diminished in prominence. There are several reasons: (1) A study carried out at the M.D. Anderson Hospital compared melphalan (Alkeran) to radiation therapy as postoperative therapy. The radiation therapy was associated with more serious toxicity and a greater economic cost to the patient but did not improve the surgical rate; therefore chemotherapy was selected as the treatment of choice. (2) The response of the common epithelial ovarian cancer and its type of superficial spread over the liver and diaphragm interfered with optimal treatment.


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