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Colposcopy of the Cervix

  • Louis Burke
Part of the Clinical Perspectives in Obstetrics and Gynecology book series (CPOG)


Colposcopy was first developed by Hans Hinselmann in Germany in 1925. Investigators were curious, as they are today, with regard to the origin of cervical cancer. Hinselmann assumed that the primary focus of cervical cancer must occur as a minute ulceration that, although undetectible to the naked eye, might be appreciated by suitable low-power magnification and illumination. He designed an instrument that directed sharply focused light on the cervix and the image of this focused light was viewed through binocular magnification. Thus, a new field of clinical investigation, known as colposcopy, was started. Colposcopy, therefore, may e defined as the magnification of the gross appearance of the epithelium of the cervix, vagina, and vulva by means of an instrument that is essentially a stereoscopic binocular microscope of low magnification, usually 10 to 40 times, and a strong light.


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