Northeast Overview

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The northeastern United States encompasses several subregions with abundant surface water resources characterized by low ionic strength and low ANC (Figure 1). There are 7,096 lakes > 4 ha within lake districts in the Northeast that are potentially sensitive to acidic deposition (Brakke et al. 1988). These areas include the Adirondacks, the Catskills, Maine, central New England, southern New England, and northern Pennsylvania. This book contains chapters on regional analyses of surface waters with respect to acidic deposition for the Adirondacks (Chapter 6, Driscoll et al., this volume) and the Catskills (Chapter 8, Stoddard and Murdoch, this volume) of New York, and Maine (Chapter 7, Kahl et al., this volume). Much of the information in these chapters also applies to those areas not covered.


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