Cardiovascular Survey for Pupils and Cardiac Sudden Death on Campus

  • K. Baba
  • Y. Tomita
  • T. Fukaya
  • M. Yamakawa
Conference paper


In Hyōgo prefectural schools, there were 42 cardiac sudden death cases (CSD) on campus in the years 1973–1983 (Figure 1). (“On campus” is defined as meaning any time between the student leaving home in the morning and returning in the evening.) On the basis of these figures, the mathematically expected number of CSD in Kobe would be more than 10 cases, because the city has 26% of the total Hyōgo prefectural population. However, there were only two cases of CSD in our city during those years. This result might be the effect of our cardiovascular survey of all 6-year-old pupils and well-planned long-term management of those with heart problems after the survey—which is carried out thoroughly in Kobe, but is alone so incompletely in the other areas of Hyōgo prefecture.


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  • K. Baba
  • Y. Tomita
  • T. Fukaya
  • M. Yamakawa

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