Effects of Shear Stress on Cytoskeletal Structure and Physiological Functions of Cultured Endothelial Cells

  • N. Ohshima
  • K. Ookawa


Endothelial cell monolayer, which lines the inner surface of the blood vessel, plays an important role in controlling the vascular permeability to a wide variety of solutes to be exchanged between blood and tissues. At the same time, this endothelial monolayer is an unique tissue that ceaselessly is exposed to fluid mechanical stimuli caused by the blood flow. Consequently, the physiological functions of vascular endothelial cells must be discussed taking into consideration numerous factors related to their environment as a whole. Such factors include not only the soluble humoral factors but also mechanical stimuli as fluid-imposed shear stress or cyclic stretch of the vessel wall.


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  • K. Ookawa

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