Postpartum Blues

  • Michael W. O’Hara
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Many of our childbearing subjects experienced the blues after delivery. As we described in chapter 4, between 26% and 42% of childbearing subjects experienced the blues as compared to between 7% and 10% of nonchildbearing subjects who experienced blues-like symptoms. The lower and upper bounds of prevalence rates reflected the use of two sets of criteria, the Handley and Pitt criteria, respectively (O’Hara et al., 1990). Two different sets of criteria were used to define the postpartum blues because there is no accepted set of criteria for the blues (Kennerley & Gath, 1989a; O’Hara, 1991). What is accepted is that the blues are usually of brief duration and that they begin sometime in the first week to 10 days after delivery.


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