Reflections on Purifying Gonadotropins in the 1960s

  • Harold Papkoff
Conference paper
Part of the Serono Symposia USA book series (SERONOSYMP)


In this short retrospective I have elected to confine myself to a few recollections on some of the problems faced by myself and the many others who were working on the purification of the glycoprotein hormones in the 1960s. There is little question that the isolation of highly purified gonadotropins (and thyrotropin) in the late 1950s and the 1960s, and the preparation of their subunits, provided a powerful stimulus to physiological and clinical studies of these hormones. Thus, it became possible to establish specific, sensitive, and reliable radioimmunoassays and, later, radioreceptor assays, the results of which provided the groundwork for the spectacular gene-related studies of recent years.


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