Azygos System of Veins and Superior Vena Cava

  • Philip Thorek


The azygos system (Fig. 282) consists of 3 veins which form longitudinal collecting trunks into which the intercostal veins drain: the azygos (vena azygos major), the hemiazygos (vena azygos minor inferior) and the accessory hemiazygos (vena azygos minor superior). The azygos is located on the right side, and the hemiazygos and the accessory hemiazygos on the left. The right and the left ascending lumbar veins constitute the most caudal portion of the system and drain into the azygos and the hemiazygos, respectively. These veins, because they link together the superior and the inferior venae cavae, constitute important anastomosing channels.


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