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A Reply To Lang

  • Everett Carll Ladd
  • Seymour Martin Lipset


Any effort to evaluate a particular body of research in the social sciences should be based on a detailed analysis of published work. Unfortunately, Serge Lang’s criticism of the Ladd—Lipset surveys of academics contains little reference to the many publications which have resulted from these studies. This is especially striking since we have published one book, two monographs, close to two dozen articles in academic journals or edited books, and a large number of short reports in The Chronicle of Higher Education.1 Our work has also been extensively reviewed in various journals, and has been commented on and used in many different research publications. Seemingly, if a critic were interested in evaluating the quality of any work, the ideological or other biases contained in it, or the uses to which the results of the research has been put, he would carefully read the material in print. We would recommend to any reader who is serious about judging this controversy, that he do so.


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