Immunopathogenesis of Murine SLE

  • Frank J. Dixon


An SLE-like disease has been investigated extensively in the (NZB × NZW) F1 mouse for well over a decade (Howie and Helyer, 1968). Clearly, these mice demonstrate many immunologic, virologic, and other abnormalities and it has been extremely difficult to determine which, if any of these, are primary etiologic factors of the SLE-like syndrome and which are secondary to the disease or even merely peculiarities of New Zealand mice. Among postulated etiologic factors of this murine disease are: retroviruses or their products (Dixon et al., 1974; Yoshiki et al., 1974), thymic atrophy or failure (Burnet and Holmes, 1964), antithymocyte antibodies (Shirai and Mellors, 1971; Klassen et al., 1977), immunologic hyperreactivity (Playfair, 1968; Evans et al., 1968), deficiency in suppressor T cells (Barthold et al., 1974; Krakauer et al., 1976) and other subsets of T cells (Cantor et al., 1978), abnormalities of phagocytic cells (Morgan and Steward, 1976), and abnormal T-cell cytotoxicity (Botzenhardt et al., 1978).


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