The Anatomy of an Interactive Graphics Display Project: An Engineering Tool

  • R. G. Gillespie


After experimental use of an interactive display system (IBM 360/75 and 2250), a project was initiated at the end of 1967 to develop a practical service for engineering use. Since the predominant amount of engineering work was on the CDC 6600 at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Division, that computer system was chosen to be the base. An interesting display system (Adage AGT-30 computer, hybrid array and scope) was chosen. One of the primary objectives of the project, in contrast to other display projects aimed at a particular application, is to make interactive display services available easily through any FORTRAN program on the CDC 6600. The progress of the project from the setting of design objectives through the design, evaluation of displays, sub-operating system design for both the display and 6600 to the initial use of the system will be covered candidly with an attempt to discuss errors and successes both technical and management.


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