Some Comments on Supporting Multiple Interactive Graphic Consoles in a Productive Environment

  • P. Smith
  • B. T. Torson


At the time of writing the equipment in use at Rolls-Royce relevant to this paper is an IBM System/360 Model 65 with 1 million bytes of main core and 1 million bytes of slow core plus direct access, magnetic tape facilities and normal input/output devices. The terminals supported are 24 typewriter terminals used for writing and executing fairly small programs, a remote job entry device consisting of a card reader and line printer and 3 2250 Model III’s. One of the 2250’s is in the Design area 1400 cable feet from the computer, the other two are in the computer building; but work is in hand to move a second display into a user area which will be over 600 cable feet from the computer. Associated with each 2250 is a Polaroid camera for immediate hard copy.


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  • B. T. Torson
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  1. 1.Aero Engine DivisionComputer-Aided Design and Manufacture, Rolls Royce LimitedDerbyEngland

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