Fundamental Problems Facing the Growth of Man Computer Graphics

  • S. H. Chasen


The paper describes four broad problem areas which face the growth of man computer graphics. They are economics, the realization of the true potential, software, and implementation. Some solutions are suggested. For example, economics can be attacked through better system utilization, better system integration, and by assessing other attributes. The problem of realization of potential is addressed through a discussion of the principles of computercentrics and optimal design and analysis is explained.

In addressing the software problem, the potential role of modeling and simulation is discussed. A point is made regarding the increasing dependence on good judgement for software and other system assessments. Suggestions for solving the last treated problem of implementation are given in terms of the vested interests of users and in terms of picking initial applications where technical interfacing problems are minimal. In concluding, the paper states that the very nature of man-computer graphics portends inevitable growth even though the inherent problems are substantial.


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