Prospects for the Detection of Higher Order Weak Processes and the Study of Weak Interactions at High Energy

  • David Cline
Part of the Studies in the Natural Sciences book series (SNS, volume 3)


The first observation of weak interactions is now over 75 years old.1 An impressive array of understanding of a vast number of phenomena has been achieved for low energy processes, and yet some of the simplest questions that can be asked about the basic nature of the weak interaction can not presently be answered. In many ways we know less about this interaction than we do about the strong interaction. Apparently Heisenberg was the first to recognize the significance of the dimensionality of the coupling constant of the lowest order currentcurrent interaction,2 the lowest order interaction being
$$\textup{H}_{\textup{eff}}=\frac{\textup{G}}{\sqrt{2}}\ \textup{j}_{\lambda}\textup{j}_{\lambda}^{+}$$
, where \(\textup{j}_{\lambda},\ \textup{j}_{\lambda}^{+}\) are appropriate currents and G is the coupling constant. G has the dimensions of (length) 2 or (1/m)2 with a numerical value
$$\textup{G}=\left (1.01 \times 10^{-5} \right)/\left ( \textup{m}_{\textup{P}} \right)^{2}$$


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