Absorption Spectroscopy from Selectively Excited Atomic Singlet Levels



Employing high power, narrow band, frequency tunable dye lasers, the 1P1 o levels of Ba I and Mg I have been selectively excited. The excited state absorption series 1P1 o1D2 have been measured and extended. Series perturbations by 1D2 levels of Ba I have shown lines of the 6s 6p 1P1 o — 6s (n + 1)s 1So series and terms of the auto-ionization series 6s 6p 1P1 o — 5d ns 1D2 have also been observed and assigned. A strong auto-ionization resonance in Mg I at λ300.9 nm has been recorded, with a measured photo-ionization cross-section of ~5 x 10 16 cm−2, in good agreement with calculations.


Excited State Absorption Laser Power Density Background Continuum Magnesium Vapour Dielectronic Recombination Rate 
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