Structure Studies in Light Nuclei with Neutrons

  • R. O. Lane


The progress in the study of structure of light nuclei at excitations above the neutron separation energy has been relatively slow compared to that at low excitations because of both theoretical difficulties with the more complex configuration space in shell-model calculations, and experimental problems inherent in neutron work. In recent years the more sophisticated shell-model programs as well as other approaches such as collective-model calculations by some theorists have given some encouragement in the difficult problem of the study of these nuclei. We will review here primarily some of the more prominent neutron experiments within the last couple of years or so on nuclei of mass number a 7≤A≤17 that have actually dealt with the deduction of J π, widths, etc. of energy levels from the data. Nuclei of A≤5 are left more properly to conferences on the few-nucleon problem. Studies on A = 6 with neutrons are sparse. Above A = 17 or so much of the emphasis begins to change toward that of isobaric analogs, finer structure, and intermediate structure which are better treated as separate topics.


Elastic Scattering Broad Resonance Phase Shift Analysis Neutron Separation Energy Couple Channel Calculation 
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