Methods for Studying Protein Phosphorylation in Cerebral Tissues

  • Richard Rodnight
  • Martin Reddington
  • Maria Gordon


Until the discovery of cyclic AMP and its action in stimulating protein kinase activity (see Kuo and Greengard, 1969, for review), the tissue phosphoproteins and their associated enzymes had been relatively little studied. This applied particularly to cerebral tissues: for many years there were only a few laboratories in the world interested in the subject (for a review of early studies see Rodnight, 1971). The tremendous increase in research into the subject began in the late 1960s with the discovery of the role of cyclic AMP-mediated protein phosphorylation in the control of glycogen metabolism in liver and skeletal muscle (Holzer, 1969). Since then the nervous system has shared with other organs a remarkable extension of the subject to many other areas of cellular function. Thus there is now suggestive evidence for the involvement of protein phosphorylation in the modulation of synaptic action in the cerebral cortex (Williams and Rodnight, 1974), possibly in sympathetic ganglia (Greengard and Kebabian, 1974), in neurotubular function (Eipper, 1974; Lagnado et al., 1975), in enzyme induction in the pineal gland (Fontana and Lovenberg, 1973) and adrenal (Costa et al., 1974), in sensory transduction in the retina (Frank et al., 1973; Kuehn et al., 1973), in secretory processes in the anterior pituitary (Lemay et al., 1974), and in protein synthesis in the brain (Schmidt and Sokoloff, 1973) and adrenal (Walton and Gill, 1973).


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  • Martin Reddington
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  • Maria Gordon
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