Abnormal Motion of Interventricular Septum of Patients with Prosthetic Valve

  • Junichi Yoshikawa
  • Takane Owaki
  • Hiroshi Kato
  • Kumeo Tanaka


Echocardiography is a noninvasive procedure enables us to visualize the motion of the interventricular septum. Echoes from the interventricular septum were originally identified by Edler et al1). Its paradoxical or flat motion has been reported to give the diagnostic clue for right ventricular diastolic overload2) and also known to occur in coronary artery disease3) and complete left bundle branch block4). There are, however, few observations on the abnormal motion of the interventricular septum after artificial valve replacement.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Junichi Yoshikawa
    • 1
  • Takane Owaki
    • 1
  • Hiroshi Kato
    • 1
  • Kumeo Tanaka
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of CardiologyKobe Municipal Central HospitalKobeJapan

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