Significance of Pollution



Water pollution is significant only when it influences living or biological systems either directly or indirectly. In a broad sense, it can be depicted as a normal consequence of the growth of organisms including man in or near the aquatic habitat. The unique physical and chemical properties of water have allowed life to evolve in it. The following quote from Szent-Gyorgyi (1958) illustrates this point of view: “That water functions in a variety of ways within a cell can not be disputed. Life originated in water, is thriving in water, water being its solvent and medium. It is the matrix of life.” All biological reactions occur in water, and it is the integrated system of biological metabolic reactions in an aqueous solution that is essential for maintenance of life. This also is true of air pollutants in that their impact on organisms occurs only when the pollutants are placed in solution (e.g., in the human lung).


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