Divalent Cation Requirements as a Tool for the Study of Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Systems

  • Pierre Golstein


Cells mediating cytolysis of other cells in vitro can be classified into two broad classes, namely T cells (sensitised thymus derived cells lysing the relevant target cells, which they recognise through specific cell surface receptors) and non-T cells (unsensitised cells, not thymus-derived, lysing antibody-coated target cells which they recognise through cell surface Fc receptors). Cytolytic non-T cell populations are ill-defined as to their exact identity, and moreover, are very probably heterogeneous. The mechanism of lysis can be divided into at least three stages: recognition, post-recognition hit, and target cell disintegration which can occur in the absence of effector cells. The physiology of the post-recognition hit stage is unknown, and moreover, may be different from one type of cytolysis to the other.


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