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Sulfametopyrazine as Treatment for Bacteriuria in Pregnancy, and Effects on Bowel Flora

  • D. S. Reeves


Sulfametopyrazine (2-sulfanilinamido-3-methoxypyrazine; SMP) is an ultra long-acting sulphonamide. It is the only sulphonamide available in the U.K. with which therapeutically adequate blood levels of drug are maintained for up to a week following a single dose. In patients with asymptomatic infections as bacteriuria in pregnancy this represents an advantage since it is possible for a patient to forget to take some or all of the doses in a multi-dose regime in the absence of symptoms. The importance of treating bacteriuria in pregnancy while the infection remains asymptomatic is well established. The use of a single dose of SMP (2 grams) as treatment for such patients has been already reported (Reeves, 1975), where the development of a two-dose regime of SMP is also described. Reported here are the comparative results of treating bacteriuria in pregnancy with SMP (2 grams), SMP (2+2 grams), or sulphadimidine (SD, in full dosage).


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  • D. S. Reeves
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  1. 1.Department of Medical MicrobiologySouthmead HospitalBristolEngland

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