Liquid Crystal Color Displays

  • T. J. Scheffer


Many electrooptic effects in liquid crystals can display information in color. Some of the more practical display schemes employ the guest-host effect, tunable retardation, and several different combinations of twisted nematic cells with external optically anisotropic layers. These schemes are compared on a psychophysical basis for color gamut, brightness and contrast ratio. The effects of temperature, cell thickness and viewing angle and the influence of certain material properties are also included. The orientability and solubility of dyes are considered for the guest-host effect and for the preparation of high-efficiency pleochroic polarizers for use in combination with twisted nematic cells.


Liquid Crystal Nematic Liquid Crystal Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Selective Polarizer Nematic Layer 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • T. J. Scheffer
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  1. 1.Brown Boveri Research CenterBadenSwitzerland

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