Immune Mechanisms in Alcoholic Liver Disease

  • Roy A. Fox


It is clear that there are many ways in which the liver can be damaged, and these various processes can be manifested as acute or chronic disease. One question that is fundamental in the study of liver disease, as well as many other situations, is what causes the perpetuation of injury following an acute insult. More specifically, why does acute hepatitis become chronic hepatitis or cirrhosis? Many mechanisms have been invoked and a number of hypotheses put forward. A unifying hypothesis may not be possible, if one considers the multiplicity of injurious agents currently extant, but a classification of the hypothesis is possible and might help in understanding. In Table I, a simple classification is outlined, and the examples given are by no means exhaustive. I wish to present the possibility that although extrinsic agents and intrinsic mechanisms might appear to account for most liver diseases, a combination of such events is more likely.


Primary Biliary Cirrhosis Alcoholic Liver Disease Chronic Active Hepatitis Alcoholic Hepatitis Alcoholic Cirrhosis 
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