Magnetic Regimes in Amorphous Ni-Fe-P-B Alloys

  • J. Durand


A complete substitution of iron for nickel has been obtained by splat-cooling in amorphous alloys of composition (Ni100−yFey)79P13B8. Results of high field magnetization (up to 70 kOe), ac and dc low field susceptibility, Curie temperature and resistivity measurements over a temperature range of 1.7 to 300°K are reported. The Ni79P13B8 alloy is not ferromagnetic, but the magnetization behavior as a function of field and temperature is typically that of alloys in the critical concentration range for ferromagnetism. The Fe79P13B8 alloy is ferromagnetic with a Curie temperature Tc of 616°K. For y = 1 at.%, the Fe atoms are magnetic. The variation of the moment per Fe atom as a function of y is discussed. When y is increased, the Ni atoms are likely to be polarized progressively and the moment per Ni atom would be roughly constant for y ≥ 30 at.%. Various magnetic regimes were defined as a function of the Fe content. The value of Tc reaches a maximum for y ≃ 90 at.%, and extrapolates to zero for y ≃ 7 at.%. Alloys within the range 1 ≤ y ≤ 10 at.% did not exhibit well-defined Curie transition, but sharp maxima in low field susceptibility measurements were observed at TM.


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