Quantitative Mutagenesis by Chemicals and by Radiations: Prerequisites for the Establishment of Rad-Equivalences

  • R. Latarjet


Owing to the horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and because of the foreseeable and inevitable development of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, as early as 1950 ionizing radiations were considered a risk requiring international legislation. A special commission, I.C.R.P. was constituted within the United Nations, and, after an excellent study, enacted certain rules which defined the permissible doses of radiation for most circumstances of utilization and exposure. These rules were considered as being far from perfect, but it was wisely decided not to await their perfection, and to modify the rules according to improvements in our understanding of fundamental problems. For twenty years, these rules, regularly updated, have been observed practically universally, and have formed the basis of national legislations.


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