Management of Renal Complications of Pregnancy

Management of pregnancy in renal disease, in patients undergoing chronic haemodialysis and in renal transplant patients
  • John M. Davison
  • Adrian I. Katz
  • Marshall D. Lindheimer


Clinicians may be consulted on the advisability of conception, or continuing a pregnancy, in women with renal problems and advice is too often based on anecdotal clinical experience. To give sound advice the clinician must appreciate that a pregnant woman is physiologically different from a non-pregnant individual and that during pregnancy there are progressive changes in the renal system which must be understood if we are to detect, diagnose and manage disease.


Acute Renal Failure Disseminate Intravascular Coagulation Acute Tubular Necrosis Acute Pyelonephritis Renal Complication 
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