Experimental Investigations of the Structure of Highly Ionized Atoms

  • Indrek Martinson
Part of the NATO Advanced Science Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 96)


Contemporary atomic physics has been revitalized by several important experimental developments. The structures of neutral and singly ionized atoms can nowadays be very accurately determined by exciting the atoms using e.g. tunable dye lasers or synchrotron radiation. Another important line of research concerns the different atomic structure problems occurring in highly ionized atoms. Powerful light sources such as laser-produced plasmas or excited fast ions from particle accelerators may now yield more than 40 times ionized atoms. The spectroscopy of such ions reveals the importance of several effects, due to relativity, nuclear structure or quantum electrodynamics (QED), that are either absent or insignificant in the case of neutral or mildly ionized atoms.


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