Binary Alloys of Titanium with the Second-Long-Period (4d) and Third-Long-Period (5d)Transition Elements

  • E. W. Collings


This chapter deals with superconductivity in alloys of Ti with the 4d-transition elements Zr through Pd and the 5d-transition elements Hf through Pt. Whenever possible, the solutes are treated in common-group-number pairs (e.g. Zr is coupled with Hf, Tc with Re, and so on) in view of the close relationship that exists between 4d and 5d elements from the same column of the periodic table. As in the previous chapter, the treatment proceeds in order of increasing group number. There are, however, some exceptions to this system: Ti-Nb is omitted, being the subject of a separate chapter, and due to a lack of data, Ti-W and Ti-Pd are also excluded from the following discussion.


Vortex Titanium Anisotropy Martensite PAllADIUM 


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