Electron Correlation and the Mechanism of Atomic Autoionization

  • R. Stephen Berry
Conference paper


This review deals with our present understanding of the nature of the quantum states of two-electron atoms. The exposition, a description of new insights into the dynamics of electron correlation and origins of correlation-induced auto- ionization, is in large part a brief summary of a discussion given recently by Paul Rehmus and myself (Rehmus and Berry, 1981) and of the earlier studies of stationary states of two- electron atoms that led to the analysis of autoionization (Rehmus and Berry, 1979); Rehmus et al., 1978a,b). The essence of the approach is the construction of the reduced two-particle density ρ (r1,r212), forming the conditional probability density
$$ \rho \left( {{{\text{r}}_{2}},{\theta _{{12}}}|{r_{1}} = \alpha } \right) = \frac{{\rho \left( {{{\text{r}}_{1}} = \alpha ,{{\text{r}}_{2}},{\theta _{{12}}}} \right)}}{{\left[ {\int {{\text{d}}{{\text{r}}_{2}}\int {{\text{d}}{\theta _{{12}}}\rho \left( {{{\text{r}}_{1}},{{\text{r}}_{2}},{\theta _{{12}}}} \right)} } } \right]}}. $$
This distribution is the probability of finding particle 2 at distance r2 from the origin (essentially the nucleus, in a two-electron atom) and at angle θ12 from the vector \( {\vec{r}_{2}} \) when the distance r1 of particle 1 from the origin has the value α.


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