Theoretical Implications on Isabelle Physics

  • Ling-Lie Chau
Part of the The Subnuclear Series book series (SUS, volume 18)


It was during the proposing years of ISABELLE when theorists at Brookhaven got involved with the study of what can be learned from a proton-proton colliding storage ring with a few hundred GeV center of mass energy, and a luminosity of 1033 sec−1 cm−2 Professor Zichichi’s invitation to discuss it now gives me an excellent chance to update the analysis incorporating new information, and to think anew about what can be learned with the coming machine. I am happy to report that while preparing this lecture it was found that there is a nonnegligible signature from the bremsstrahlung of a Higgs boson by the intermediate boson Z° produced in the hadronic scattering. This may be used to search for the most elusive building block of the unified gauge theory, and also may point to new experimental ways to search for new particles.


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