Starch-g-Poly(Methyl Acrylate)╌Effects of Graft Level and Molecular Weight on Tensile Strength

  • Charles L. Swanson
  • George F. Fanta
  • Robert G. Fecht
  • Robert C. Burr
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (volume 17)


Starch, a hydrophilic polymeric material produced by plants as a food reserve, is produced in amounts in excess of that required for nutritionally balanced diets. In the United States about 4 billion pounds are used annually in industrial markets where a water-soluble polymer is needed, as in paper sizes and pastes. Interest has been shown in chemical modification of starch to make it hydrophobic to increase its potential as a replacement or extender for certain polymeric materials derived from nonrenewable resources.


Ultimate Tensile Strength Starch Granule Graft Copolymer Methyl Acrylate Butyl Acrylate 
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  • Charles L. Swanson
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  • George F. Fanta
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  • Robert G. Fecht
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  • Robert C. Burr
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  1. 1.Northern Regional Research Center, Agricultural Research ServiceU.S. Department of AgriculturePeoriaUSA

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