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Detection and Determination of Isoenzymes

  • J. Henry Wilkinson


The choice of a method for the detection and determination of an isoenzyme is governed very largely by the technique used for its separation. Conventional assay methods can be used when the various fractions are eluted from a column or from segments of a starch block, and when it is required to determine activities with the highest degree of precision a method involving elution is undoubtedly to be preferred. Elution of a large number of fractions, however, is a time-consuming business, and when detection or roughly quantitative assessment of the activities of the isoenzymes will suffice one of a number of highly elegant staining techniques may be used. These were originally developed for the cytochemical localization of enzymes (reviewed by Pearse, 1960), but have since found many applications for the detection of isoenzymes separated by micro-electrophoresis on starch or agar gel or on cellulose acetate.


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