A Small FWD Saloon Car: Ford Fiesta S

  • Colin Campbell


Today everyone seems to accept FWD, usually with a transverse engine and gearbox, as a sine qua non in the smallest class of four-seater family saloon. No other design gives as much space for the occupants and the luggage. FWD is effective, inexpensive and reliable. It was not always so. The first FWD car that I owned was a 1936 BSA Scout with front drive shaft couplings that produced unpleasant alternating reactions on the steering gear in a tight turn. Some drivers chose to ignore this kickback at the steering wheel; it is even possible that some regarded it as indication that they were cornering at too high a speed. To an engineer it was an indication of a variation in drive torque, something that would soon produce excessive wear. It was no consolation to me when my fears were proved right!


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