Study of Shockwave-Induced Deformation in a Metal Bar by High-Speed Interferometry

  • M. P. Wright


The work described is aimed at establishing the displacement—time profiles of points on the side and end of a long metal bar when a compression wave travels along its length. The part of the bar to be examined is polished optically flat and is used as one reflector in a conventional two—beam interferometer. The passage of the wave distorts the polished area and the resultant transient fringe pattern is recorded by high—speed streak photography. Prom the records obtained graphs of displacement against time can very easily be derived with high resolution.

In many cases satisfactory results can be obtained using a small mirror attached to the bar by adhesive, so avoiding the troble—some process of optically polishing part of the surface.


Compression Wave Fringe Pattern Holographic Interferometry Polished Area Flexural Wave 
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Etude des Deformations D’Une Barre Metallique a Cause de la Propagation D’Une Onde de Choc, Au Moyen de L’Interferometrie Ultra-Rapide

Kurzzeit-Interferometrische Untersuchungen der Deformation Eines Metallischen Stabes Infolge Stosswellenverbreitung


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