A Multiple Spark System Incorporating Fibre Optics and an Electronic Timer for Projectile Photography

  • P. W. W. Fuller
  • E. J. M. Wlatnig


A versatile multiple spark system is described, intended principally for projectile photography in ballistic ranges. The system incorporates six individual channels using capacitive storage pressurised spark light sources. The light output can be used directly through a side window or indirectly via fibre optic guides, either combining into a single point source or individually positioned as required. The sources are individually powered and can be grouped together or placed separately if necessary. All high voltage parts are completely enclosed in an earthed box making the system very safe to handle. The sources have a half peak duration of 250 nanoseconds or less, using a 0.03μF capacitor at 8 to 10 kV. The sparks are controlled and timed by an integrated circuit programmer. Sparks can be fired at individually programmed intervals from zero to 100 milliseconds in 1 microsecond steps. The actual rather than the “set—up” event delay times are recorded and stored and can be read as required from a combined thumbwheel switch and LED display with a maximum resolution of 20 nanoseconds.


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Un System Etincelle Multiple Comprennent Fibre Optiques et un Controleur Electronique pour la Photographie de Projectiles

Ein Vielfachfunkensystem mit Angeschlossenen Lichtleitern und einem Elektronischen Programmierbaren Zeitgeber fur Projektilphotographie


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  • P. W. W. Fuller
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  • E. J. M. Wlatnig
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  1. 1.Rarde Fort HalsteadSevenoaks, KentEngland

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