Purification of Polymeric Dyes by Ultrafiltration

  • Anthony R. Cooper
  • David P. Matzinger
  • Robin G. Booth
Part of the Polymer Science and Technology book series (volume 16)


Ultrafiltration is a widely accepted technique for the purification of polymeric or colloidal materials. We have previously reported1 on the purification of a water soluble polymeric dye which contained water soluble organic impurities. The preparation of another class of polymeric dyes has been described2 which are water soluble but the organic impurities are water-insoluble. The organic impurities are capable of bonding hydrophobically to the polymeric dye in aqueous solution, which causes special problems in their purification3 and analysis4. The requirement for high purity arises from their intended use as food additives5,6. This work describes the development of a purification method for these polymeric dyes by ultrafiltration in mixed aqueous solvents.


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  • Anthony R. Cooper
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  • David P. Matzinger
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  • Robin G. Booth
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  1. 1.DynapolPalo AltoUSA

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