Water Colour Measurements - An Introduction

  • Howard R. Gordon
  • Andre Y. Morel
Part of the Marine Science book series (MR, volume 13)


The goal of measuring ocean color is to estimate the concentration of certain constituents of the water, principally phytoplankton and inorganic suspended solids. The COSPAR/SCOR/IUCRM Symposium “Oceanography from Space” provided the first opportunity since the IUCRM Colloquium “Passive Radiometry of the Ocean”, held at Patricia Bay, B.C., Canada during 1978, for investigators studying problems associated with the measurement and interpretation of the color of the ocean to present the results of their work to a truly international audience. The launch in October 1978 of a sensor specifically designed for ocean color measurement, the Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) on Nimbus-7, made this Symposium particularly timely.


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  • Andre Y. Morel
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