Application of Satellites and Remote Sensing to Studies of Surface Circulation off the Nova Scotian Coast

  • R. W. Trites
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The continental shelf off southwestern Nova Scotia is biologically a highly productive area and is the site of major commercial fisheries. Despite its practical importance, oceanographic research has never been pursued at a sufficiently intense level to develop an adequate understanding of the role the physics may be playing in the productive processes. From the published literature (e.g. Bigelow, 1927, Bumpus and Lauzier, 1965, Drinkwater et al, 1979), it appears that seasonal variations in fresh water discharge and weather patterns undoubtedly produce important fluctuations in the current patterns off southwestern Nova Scotia. Additionally there is evidence that deep ocean events directly influence water movement onto and off the Shelf through the presence of warm-core Gulf Stream eddies that are frequently ejected into Slope Water south of the Scotian Shelf (Smith, 1978, 1979).


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