The Selection of Starting Material for Neutron-Transmutation Doped Silicon

  • Horst G. Kramer


The selection of starting material for neutron-transmutation doped (NTD) silicon has been described by Janus and Malmros1 for the case where the starting material is entirely of one or the other conductivity type. After defining homogeneity factors for the starting and for the NTD material, the authors derive an expression for the doping factor, which essentially sets a fixed limit on the maximum dopant concentration of the starting material for NTD material of a required homogeneity.


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    H. M. Janus and 0. Malmros, Application of Thermal Neutron Irradiation for Large Scale Production of Homogeneous Phosphorus Doping of Float Zone Silicon, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, Vol. ED-23, No. 8, August]976, pp. 797–802.Google Scholar

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  • Horst G. Kramer
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  1. 1.Electronics DivisionMonsanto Industrial Chemicals CompanySt. PetersUSA

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